Chubb Omega Deposit 1E - Digital Safe

  • £707.00 FITTED!

Empower your employees to confidently deposit cash at your retail location even when a manager or other key holder is not present

Omega Deposit from Chubbsafes is a range of deposit safes which offer burglary protection for your cash deposits.

This cost-effective safe is designed to optimise cash-handling procedures for retailers who function in multi-shift or out-of-hours environments.

Your Benefits:

  • Burglary protection for your cash deposits, ideal for retailers
  • Simple cash transfer solution with good price-quality ratio
  • 10mm steel door, 6mm steel frame, 20mm diameter steel locking bolts
  • Anchoring kit included to prevent unauthorised removal
  • Anti-fishing device included to prevent removal of deposited items
  • Programmable electronic lock with 1 master code and 5 users, programmable time delay function and optional dual user mode
  • Attractive dark grey appearance

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Chubb Omega Deposit 1E £30,000 Valuables Product Guide

  • External Height 455mm
    External Width 340mm
    External Depth * 380mm (+42mm for door handle)
    Internal Height 212mm
    Internal Width 328mm
    Internal Depth 308mm
    Deposit Opening Height 80mm
    Deposit Opening Width 265mm
    Deposit Opening Depth 220mm
    Storage Capacity (Litres) 24 Ltrs
    Weight 54 KG
    Shelves 0
  • Insurance ratings for security safes can seem quite complicated, but in reality they are quite easily explained:

    Safes are not all the same, and some safes are stronger than others. Manufacturers and testing house assess safes using expert locksmiths and all manner of tools, up to-and-including explosives and gas cutting equipment. Following testing, safes are given a rating which represents how long they are able to resist forced or surreptitious entry, and consequently how secure they are.

    In the UK this rating is usually expressed as a figure in pounds sterling, and this is called a 'Cash Rating'. A Cash Rating is the level of cover that an insurance underwriter will give to the contents of the safe and can generally be multiplied by a factor of 10X for your valuables.

    Our own in-house assessment of this particular safe is £3,000 Cash or £30,000 Valuables.

    It should be noted that ratings differ from Insurer to Insurer and your own circumstances can also influence this rating. In many cases the cash rating is only relevant for the purpose of distinguishing between models of safe in order to make a more informed purchase. If a specific cash rating has been specified by your insurer you should always check that they agree with the rating on this page before purchasing a safe.