Thinking of a safe for your Bedfordshire home or business?

  • Not sure what you’re looking for? 
  • Confused by all the models and jargon on the internet? 
  • Don’t know where it should be fitted in your home?
  • Not sure what your insurance company are asking for? 

Call us on 0800 711 7892 or click here to talk to us online or send us a message if it’s outside of business hours.

We make it easy, we cut through all the complicated jargon, we figure out what you need, where it’s best installed and we give you a fixed price to supply, deliver and professionally install and demonstrate your new security safe.

London & Home Counties Safes have been supplying and installing high quality security safes in the Bedfordshire area for many years. 
From Dunstable in the South to Bedford in the North and everywhere in between we have hundreds of delighted customers.

We consider ourselves the premier supplier and installers of safes in the county of Bedfordshire.
All of our safes are fully tested and inspected in-house before joining our very carefully selected range that we make available to our customers.

Our service differs to many of our competitors as we specialize in a complete supply and install service. We don't just sell a box and ship it out as cheaply as possible. Your delivery will come on our own unmarked vehicle and one of our own vetted employees will carry out your professional installation.

Afterwards, our fitter will then be able to demonstrate the safe to you and run through any questions that you may have.

We want to help you to choose the best safe for your needs.

We offer friendly expert advice by phone, email or even in an online chat.

We even have a showroom where you can view the entire range.

To start your search hover your mouse cursor over 'Burglary Safes' or 'Fire Safes' on the menu bar above. You will be able to see the range which suits your insurance requirements and click on that range. There you will see all the sizes available in that particular insurance rating and you can then click on any models that are of interest.

Full technical information is there along with a downloadable pdf leaflet on the particular model. For any help get in touch, we are here to help and it really does not matter how much or how little you already know about safes.

Ordering is easy, just click on the red 'BUY NOW' button and check out just like any other website.
Then checkout just like any other website.
We will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment for our fitter to deliver, install and demonstrate your new security safe.

We really hope you enjoy our website, and honestly if you have any questions, get in touch on 0800 711 7892

Thinking of a safe for your Bedfordshire home or business?

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