Bloomsbury Safes - £40,000 Valuables

Suitable for securing cash up to £4,000 or valuables up to £40,000.

Available in four sizes and with a choice of traditional key-locking or electronic digital keypad.

Made from incredibly strong robot-laser-welded steel with a massive 10mm thick door.

Manufactured for us in a high-tech factory in Italy these are probably our favourite range of safes. Every feature of this range has been well considered for both security and convenience.

Heavy bolt-work with reinforced door surrounds for superb resistance to crowbar or prying attacks.

A massive advantage is these safes come pre-drilled with eight fixing holes, four in the base and four in the rear. These multiple fixing holes increase the scope for a better/stronger installation in your home.

Digital versions are battery operated by internal replaceable batteries (4 x AA size batteries).
In the event of a battery failure a 9 volt battery can be used to power the safe from outside the locked safe.
You can then enter your unique code, open the safe and replace the batteries. If that wasn’t enough, two keys are also supplied just in case you forget your unique code.

Free home delivery and free home professional installation.